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Let the Government take Effective steps to withdraw Indian Army from Kalipani

Nepal Jyoti, 16 June 020 – In fact, the Nepalese people were not aware of the fact that Limpiyadhura is

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The Government decides to cancel the SEE for This Year

Nepal Jyoti, 10 June 020 – In view of the growing threat of COVID-19 epidemic, the government has decided to

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All Five killed in the Rupendehi Massacre by the Same Person: Police Investigation reveals

Nepal Jyoti, 10 June 020 – An investigation into the Rupendehi massacre has concluded that a man killed five people

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Astrology in the Ancient State system as a Method of Forecasting

Nepal Jyoti, 10 June 020 – In the process of understanding astrology, it seems to have been studied in different

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West Indies Team in England to play International Cricket

Nepal Jyoti, 10 June 020 – The West Indies cricket team arrived in Manchester, England on Tuesday as the world

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Positive stand with Janata Samajwadi Party towards the amendment of the Constitution by including a New Map

Nepal Jyoti, 9 June 020 – The Janata Samajwadi Party, which is keen to identify itself as a Madhes-centric party,


Ancient Newari city Kirtipur

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Parliamentary Special Committee formed to investigate Rukum’s Soti Incident

Nepal Jyoti, 9 June 020 – NR Ghimire – A coordinator and members have been selected in the parliamentary special

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Yoga for Higher Consciousness

Nepal Jyoti, 9 June 020 – The word Yoga comes from the root yuj, “to yoke or join.” It is

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Majority of Minneapolis City Council Pledges to Dismantle Police Department

Nepal Jyoti, 8 June 020 – Some cities are starting to to heed calls to “defund the police,” as lawmakers