Nepal Jyoti, 10 June 020 –

An investigation into the Rupendehi massacre has concluded that a man killed five people at a cow farm in Rupandehi Mainahiya on Monday night. Considering this genocide as a sensitive case, the Special Investigation Team of State 5 had conducted an investigation.

A team led by state police spokesperson SSP Rajkumar Baidbar reached the crime scene that day.

At a press conference on Wednesday, SSP Baidbar said, “Despite many ups and downs in the investigation, we have come to the conclusion that one person killed five people.”

Police had arrested Jhasendra Sinjali on the charge of killing all the five.

Rupandehi police SSP Hem Thapa said that accused Sinjali had confessed to the crime and killed all the five out of anger.

Alleged Sexual abuse of Animals

According to the initial police investigation, the accused was accused of sexually abusing farm animals. “My wife and I got separated and she made very baseless allegations against me. That’s why I lost consciousness,” Sinjali told police.

Sinjali also admitted that he sexually abused animals on the farm, police said.

Locals said that the mental condition of the accused was unstable. He is also repeatedly changing his mind.

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