Nepal Jyoti, 9 June 020 –

Symbolic Photo: Yoga

The word Yoga comes from the root yuj, “to yoke or join.” It is used to suggest the union of the individual self (atman). with the Highest Self (Brahman). Yoga is the means to integrate the body with the mind and the lower self with the higher self.

Through yoga, one can achieve perfection of the physical, mental and lower selves and prepare ones journey into higher consciousness through the awakening of the Kundalini and other latent powers.

Purely as a physical exercise, yoga can aid us in keeping our bodies and minds in perfect balance and at peace.

Yoga is the most important contribution of Hinduism to the modern world.

The practice of yoga is a sure way to hasten the process of our evolution into higher beings of the transcendental realms.

According to the established tradition, yoga should be practiced only under the guidance of a skilled practitioner. So for actual practice of yoga, please contact an expert  in the field.

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